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B6db references: 89250316

type Journal Article
authors Yam, C. F.; Tunnicliff, G.; Ngo, T. T.; Barbeau, A.
title A sensitive radiometric assay for cysteic acid decarboxylase activity in crude enzyme preparations of rat liver and brain
journal Comp Biochem Physiol B
ui 89250316
year (1977)
volume 58
number 1
pages 115-7
keywords Animal
abstract 1. A method is described for the synthesis of L-[U-14C]cysteic acid from L-[U-14C] cysteine hydrochloride and for its subsequent utilisation as a substrate for cysteic acid decarboxylase activity in liver and brain. 2. The enzyme determination relies on the entrapment of radio-labelled carbon dioxide in Hyamine hydroxide. 3. The assay is sensitive, reliable and convenient and is particularly suitable for measuring the activity of the decarboxylase in crude enzyme preparations.
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