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B6db references: 89252411

type Journal Article
authors Brinkworth, R. I.; Iles, M. M.; Iskander, M. N.; Andrews, P. R.
title Transition-state analogues as inhibitors of L-dopa decarboxylase
journal Int J Biochem
ui 89252411
year (1988)
volume 20
number 11
pages 1273-9
keywords Animal
abstract 1. A series of compounds has been prepared which are analogues of the transition state of the reaction catalysed by L-dopa decarboxylase (EC 2. These compounds are reduced adducts of the substrate (L- dopa) and coenzyme (pyridoxal phosphate), as well as analogues of these substances (D-dopa, pyridoxal and salicaldehyde). 3. Compounds were also prepared with an oxazine link between the 3'-oxygen and the nitrogen attached to the 4'-carbon of the aldehyde moiety. 4. None of the D-dopa adducts produced any significant inhibition, but the L-dopa adducts were all active at millimolar levels, with the oxazine derivatives being more active than their parent compounds. 5. Inhibition was competitive with respect to L-dopa, but was neither competitive nor non-competitive with respect to pyridoxal phosphate. 6. The most active compound tested was the oxazine derivative of the L- dopa/salicaldehyde adduct, with an estimated Ki of 58.0 microM. 7. Increased inhibitory activity was observed when enzyme depleted of pyridoxal phosphate was used.
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