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B6db references: 90152711

type Journal Article
authors Pathre, U.; Singh, A. K.; Sane, P. V.
title Inactivation of leucine aminotransferase with diethylpyrocarbonate and rose bengal: evidence for an active site histidine residue
journal Indian J Biochem Biophys
ui 90152711
year (1989)
volume 26
number 3
pages 136-9.
keywords Binding Sites
abstract Modification of leucine aminotransferase by diethylpyrocarbonate or rose bengal-sensitized photo-oxidation caused rapid inactivation of the enzyme. The inactivation of leucine aminotransferase depended on the concentration of the reagent, the time of incubation and exhibited pseudo-first order kinetics. Rose bengal-sensitized photo-oxidation was maximum at pH 6.5 and 9. Substrates leucine and alpha-ketoglutarate protected the enzyme against inactivation by these reagents, thus suggesting participation of histidine residue at the substrate binding site.
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