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B6db references: 90182717

type Journal Article
authors Hikiji, T.; Ohkuma, M.; Takagi, M.; Yano, K.
title An improved host-vector system for Candida maltosa using a gene isolated from its genome that complements the his5 mutation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
journal Curr Genet
ui 90182717
year (1989)
volume 16
number 4
pages 261-6.
abstract The host-vector system of an n-alkane-assimilating-yeast, Candida maltosa, which we previously constructed using an autonomously replicating sequence (ARS) region isolated from the genome of this yeast, utilizes C. maltosa J288 (leu2-) as a host. As this host had a serious growth defect on n-alkane, we developed an improved host-vector system using C. maltosa CH1 (his-) as host. The vectors were constructed with the Candida ARS region and a DNA fragment isolated from the genome of C. maltosa. Since this DNA fragment could complement histidine auxotrophy of both C. maltosa CH1 and S. cerevisiae (his5-), we termed the gene contained in this DNA fragment C-HIS5. The vectors were characterized in terms of transformation frequency and stability, and the nucleotide sequence of C-HIS5 was determined. The deduced amino acid sequence (389 residues) shared 51% homology with that of HIS5 of S. cerevisiae (384 residues; Nishiwaki et al. 1987).
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