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B6db references: 90254203

type Journal Article
authors Bruneau, G.; Krieger-Poullet, M.; Coge, F.; Borri-Voltattorni, C.; Gros, F.; Thibault, J.
title Characterization of DOPA decarboxylase mRNA in rat pheochromocytoma
journal Biochimie
ui 90254203
year (1990)
volume 72
number 1
pages 73-6.
keywords Animal
abstract Total poly (A+) RNA has been extracted from rat pheochromocytoma and translated in vitro by means of a reticulocyte lysate system. We show that two antisera, prepared against pig kidney DOPA decarboxylase (DDC) or rat pheochromocytoma DDC, immunoprecipitate an in vitro synthetized 50 kDa polypeptide identified as DDC by competition experiments with pure DDC. The proportion of specific mRNA has been calculated and represents 0.05% of total poly A+ mRNA. Its size has been established by electrophoresis in methylmercuric hydroxide containing agarose gel, corresponding to a 2.2 kb length mRNA.
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