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type Journal Article
authors Mamet, R.; Mevasser, R.; Bomstein, Y.; Atsmon, A.; Schoenfeld, N.
title L-Alanine: 4,5-dioxovalerate transaminase does not regulate heme synthesis in rat liver
journal Biochim Biophys Acta
ui 90283432
year (1990)
volume 1034
number 2
pages 148-51.
keywords Alanine/metabolism
abstract L-Alanine: 4,5-dioxovalerate transaminase (ADT) was determined in liver homogenates of rats treated by either inducers of porphyrin synthesis or the repressor, hemin. ADT activity was not induced by the porphyrinogenic agents nor reduced by hemin, indicating that ADT probably has no regulatory role in the heme synthesis pathway. The same conclusion was drawn from similar experiments performed in monolayers of chick embryo liver cells.
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