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B6db references: 91128375

type Journal Article
authors Lilleberg, S. L.; Killilea, S. D.; Vaske, D. A.; Leopold, R. A.; Sparks, R. B., Jr.
title Evidence for an inactive plasma membrane-associated precursor of active cytoplasmic ornithine decarboxylase in developing embryos of Musca domestica
journal Biochem Biophys Res Commun
ui 91128375
year (1991)
volume 174
number 2
pages 497-503.
keywords Animal
abstract During embryonic development of Musca domestica inactive ornithine decarboxylase protein appears in the embryos at 6 h postoviposition, increases in concentration and reaches a maximum level at 9 h postoviposition. The inactive enzyme is associated with the plasma membrane and appears to be the precursor for active ornithine decarboxylase, which is associated with the cytosolic fraction just prior to hatching. Both ornithine decarboxylase protein and enzymatic activity disappear during the early larval stage of this insect.
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