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type Journal Article
authors Malthouse, J. P.; Milne, J. J.; Gariani, L. S.
title A comparative study of the kinetics and stereochemistry of the serine hydroxymethyltransferase- and tryptophan synthase-catalysed exchange of the pro-2R and pro-2S protons of glycine
journal Biochem J
ui 91190096
year (1991)
volume 274
number Pt 3
pages 807-12.
keywords Animal
abstract The stereospecificity of the serine hydroxymethyltransferase (EC and tryptophan synthase (EC catalysed exchange of the pro-2R and pro-2S alpha-protons of glycine was investigated by using 13C n.m.r. The exchange process is described in terms of a minimal four-step mechanism, and a method for analysing the exchange process by complete progress curves is presented. It is shown that serine hydroxymethyltransferase does not have absolute stereospecificity for the pro-2S-proton of glycine, but it catalyses the exchange of this proton 7400 times faster than the pro-2R proton of glycine. Tryptophan synthase is shown preferentially to catalyse the exchange of the pro-2R proton of glycine at a rate 380 times faster than the pro-2S proton of glycine. The exchange rates for the rapidly exchanged alpha-protons of glycine are similar for both enzymes. However, the exchange rates of the slowly exchanged alpha-protons differ by an order of magnitude. The structural features that may be responsible for the differences in the stereospecificity of the two enzymes are discussed.
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