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type Journal Article
authors Baron, C.; Bock, A.
title The length of the aminoacyl-acceptor stem of the selenocysteine- specific tRNA(Sec) of Escherichia coli is the determinant for binding to elongation factors SELB or Tu
journal J Biol Chem
ui 92041870
year (1991)
volume 266
number 30
pages 20375-9.
keywords Bacterial Proteins/*metabolism
abstract Mutations in selC, which reduce the 8-base pair aminoacyl-acceptor helix to the canonical 7-base pair length (tRNA(Sec)(delAc] or which replace the extra arm of tRNA(Sec) by that of a serine acceptor tRNA species (tRNA(Sec)(ExS), block the function in selenoprotein synthesis in vivo (Baron, C., Heider, J., and Bock, A. (1990) Nucleic Acids Res. 18, 6761-6766). tRNA(Sec), tRNA(Sec)(delAc), and tRNA(Sec)(ExS) were purified and analyzed for their interaction with purified seryl-tRNA synthetase, selenocysteine synthase and translation factors SELB and EF- Tu. It was found that seryl-tRNA synthetase displays 10-fold impaired Km and Kcat values for tRNA(Sec) in comparison to tRNA(Ser), decreasing the overall charging efficiency (Kcat/Km) of tRNA(Sec) to 1% of that characteristic for tRNA(Ser). tRNA(Sec)(ExS) was a less efficient substrate for the enzyme (Kcat/Km 0.2% of the tRNA(Ser) value) whereas the tRNA(Ser)(delAc) variant was charged with an approximately 2-3-fold improved rate compared to wild-type tRNA(Sec). Both mutant tRNA variants, when charged with L-serine, were able to interact with selenocysteine synthase to give rise to selenocysteyl-tRNA with tRNA(Sec)(ExS) being as efficient as wild-type tRNA(Sec). Seryl- tRNA(Sec)(delAc), on the other hand, was selenylated very slowly. Reduction of the length of the aminoacyl-acceptor stem to 7 base pairs prevented the interaction with translation factor SELB but allowed binding to EF-Tu, irrespective of whether tRNA(Sec)(delAc) was charged with serine or selenocysteine. The aminoacyl-acceptor helix of tRNA(Sec), therefore, is a major determinant directing binding to SELB and precluding interaction with EF-Tu.
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