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type Journal Article
authors de Mello, F. G.; Hokoc, J. N.; Ventura, A. L.; Gardino, P. F.
title Glutamic acid decarboxylase of embryonic avian retina cells in culture: regulation by gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)
journal Cell Mol Neurobiol
ui 92076442
year (1991)
volume 11
number 5
pages 485-96.
keywords Animal
abstract 1. Retina-cell aggregate cultures expressed glutamate decarboxylase activity (L-glutamate 1-carboxylase; EC as a function of culture differentiation. 2. Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) activity was low in the initial phases of culture and increased eight-fold until culture day 7, remaining high up to day 13 (last stage studied). 3. The addition of GABA to the culture medium 24 h after cell seeding almost totally prevented the expression of GAD activity. 4. In association with decreased enzyme activity, aggregates exposed to GABA did not display immunoreactivity for GAD, suggesting that GAD molecules were either lost from GABAergic neurons or significantly altered with GABA treatment. 5. Control, untreated aggregates showed intense GAD immunoreactivity in neurons. Positive cell bodies were characterized by a thin rim of labeled cytoplasm with thickest labeling at the emergence of the main neurite. 6. Heavily labeled patches were also observed throughout the aggregates, possibly reflecting regions enriched in neurites. 7. The GABA-mediated reduction of GAD immunoreactivity was a reversible phenomenon and could be prevented by picrotoxin.
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