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B6db references: 92175534

type Journal Article
authors Crawford, J. M.; Geever, R. F.; Asch, D. K.; Case, M. E.
title Sequence and characterization of the met-7 gene of Neurospora crassa
journal Gene
ui 92175534
year (1992)
volume 111
number 2
pages 265-6.
keywords Amino Acid Sequence
abstract The proteins encoded by the met-7+ and met-3+ genes of Neurospora crassa are required to form a functional cystathionine-gamma-synthase (CGS). The met-7+ gene has been cloned by complementation of a met-7 mutant. The nucleotide sequence of the complementing DNA reveals the presence of a 542-amino acid open reading frame (ORF). Disruption of this ORF abolishes complementation of the met-7 mutation.
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