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type Journal Article
authors Malashkevich, V. N.; Filipponi, P.; Sauder, U.; Dominici, P.; Jansonius, J. N.; Borri Voltattorni, C.
title Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of pig kidney DOPA decarboxylase
journal J Mol Biol
ui 92235851
year (1992)
volume 224
number 4
pages 1167-70.
keywords Animal
abstract DOPA decarboxylase from pig kidney, an alpha 2 dimeric enzyme of Mr = 107,000, has been crystallized by the vapour diffusion method with ammonium sulphate as precipitant. The crystals belong to the space group P6(2) (or its enantiomer P6(4)) and have unit cell dimensions of a = b = 155.9 A, c = 87.7 A, alpha = beta = 90 degrees, gamma = 120 degrees. They diffract to 2.6 A resolution. There is one dimeric molecule per asymmetric unit. Rotation function studies have revealed the orientation of the non-crystallographic 2-fold axis of the dimer in the asymmetric unit.
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