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B6db references: 92290010

type Journal Article
authors Antson, A. A.; Strokopytov, B. V.; Murshudov, G. N.; Isupov, M. N.; Harutyunyan, E. H.; Demidkina, T. V.; Vassylyev, D. G.; Dauter, Z.; Terry, H.; Wilson, K. S.
title The polypeptide chain fold in tyrosine phenol-lyase, a pyridoxal-5'- phosphate-dependent enzyme
journal FEBS Lett
ui 92290010
year (1992)
volume 302
number 3
pages 256-60.
keywords Chemistry, Physical
abstract The tyrosine phenol lyase (EC from Citrobacter intermedius has been crystallised in the apo form by vapour diffusion. The space group is P2(1)2(1)2. The unit cell has dimensions a = 76.0 A, b = 138.3 A, c = 93.5 A and it contains two subunits of the tetrameric molecule in the asymmetric unit. Diffraction data for the native enzyme and two heavy atom derivatives have been collected with synchrotron radiation and an image plate scanner. The structure has been solved at 2.7 A resolution by isomorphous replacement with subsequent modification of the phases by averaging the density around the non-crystallographic symmetry axis. The electron density maps clearly show the relative orientation of the subunits and most of the trace of the polypeptide chain. Each subunit consists of two domains. The topology of the large domain appears to be similar to that of the aminotransferases.
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