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type Journal Article
authors Rees, W. D.; Hay, S. M.
title The expression of Escherichia coli threonine synthase and the production of threonine from homoserine in mouse 3T3 cells
journal Biochem J
ui 93228625
year (1993)
volume 291
number Pt 1
pages 315-22.
keywords 3T3 Cells/*enzymology
abstract We have subcloned the coding sequence for the Escherichia coli threonine synthase gene into a eukaryotic expression vector based on the simian-virus-40 early promoter. When mouse 3T3 cells which already expressed homoserine kinase were transfected with the new plasmid, the cells were able to incorporate radioactivity from [14C]homoserine into their cell proteins. Stable cell lines were established by co- transfecting 3T3 cells with the plasmid coding for threonine synthase and another coding for homoserine kinase and G-418 (Geneticin) resistance. Cells were selected for G-418 resistance and then screened for an ability to synthesize threonine from homoserine and incorporate it into the cell protein. A cell line which expressed both the homoserine kinase and threonine synthase genes was capable of growth in a threonine-deficient medium containing homoserine.
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