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type Journal Article
authors Gray, A.; Tait, A.; Bulfield, G.
title Differential transcription and expression of ornithine decarboxylase in embryos of replicated mouse lines divergently selected for lean body mass
journal Biochem J
ui 95275228
year (1995)
volume 308
number Pt 1
pages 161-6.
keywords Animal
abstract Embryos of replicated mouse lines divergently selected for high or low lean body mass have been shown to differ approximately twofold in the activity of ornithine decarboxylase during embryogenesis and that this difference has been shown to be associated with a restriction enzyme polymorphism in the structural gene [Gray and Tait (1993) Genet. Res. 62, 31-37]. In the present paper we report that the differences in enzyme activity are due to changes in transcription and show that the enzyme produced has the same specific activity in all selected lines, precluding any significant structural change in the enzyme being associated with the differences in the structural gene.
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