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type Journal Article
authors Rijnen, L.; Bonneau, S.; Yvon, M.
title Genetic characterization of the major lactococcal aromatic aminotransferase and its involvement in conversion of amino acids to aroma compounds
journal Appl Environ Microbiol
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ui 10543798
year (1999)
volume 65
number 11
pages 4873-80.
abstract In lactococci, transamination is the first step of the enzymatic conversion of aromatic and branched-chain amino acids to aroma compounds. In previous work we purified and biochemically characterized the major aromatic aminotransferase (AraT) of a Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris strain. Here we characterized the corresponding gene and evaluated the role of AraT in the biosynthesis of amino acids and in the conversion of amino acids to aroma compounds. Amino acid sequence homologies with other aminotransferases showed that the enzyme belongs to a new subclass of the aminotransferase I subfamily gamma; AraT is the best-characterized representative of this new aromatic-amino-acid-specific subclass. We demonstrated that AraT plays a major role in the conversion of aromatic amino acids to aroma compounds, since gene inactivation almost completely prevented the degradation of these amino acids. It is also highly involved in methionine and leucine conversion. AraT also has a major physiological role in the biosynthesis of phenylalanine and tyrosine, since gene inactivation weakly slowed down growth on medium without phenylalanine and highly affected growth on every medium without tyrosine. However, another biosynthesis aromatic aminotransferase is induced in the absence of phenylalanine in the culture medium.
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