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type Journal Article
authors Jeon, S.G.; Bahn, J.H.; Jang, J.S.; Jang, S.H.; Lee, B.R.; Lee, K.S.; Park, J.; Kang, T.C.; Won, M.H.; Kim, H.B.; Kwo, O.S.; Cho, S.W.; Choi, S.Y.
title Molecular cloning and functional expression of bovine brain GABA transaminase
journal Mol Cells
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ui 11561735
year (2001)
volume 12
number 1
pages 91-6
abstract We isolated a cDNA that encodes the bovine brain gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase (GABA-T; EC from the lambda gt 11 cDNA library, which showed a high degree of sequence similarity to the corresponding enzymes from various sources. Northern blot analysis revealed two differentially expressed GABA-T transcripts of approximately 2.0 and 6.0 kb in the bovine tissues. Southern blot analysis indicates that the two GABA-T transcripts are encoded in a greater-than 10-kb, single-copy gene. Bovine GABA-T cDNA was expressed in E. coli using the pGEX bacterial- expression vector system. The overexpressed GABA-T was enzymatically active after purification, and it had very similar kinetic parameters when compared with those of other mammalian GABA-Ts.
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