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type Journal Article
authors Jones, P.R.; Manabe, T.; Awazuhara, M.; Saito, K.
title A new member of plant CS-lyases. A cystine lyase from Arabidopsis thaliana
journal J Biol Chem
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ui 12525491
year (2003)
volume 278
number 21
pages 10291-6
abstract Cystine lyases catalyze the breakdown of l-cystine to thiocysteine, pyruvate, and ammonia. Until now there are no reports of the identification of a plant cystine lyase at a molecular level, and it is not clear what biological role this class of enzymes have in plants. A cystine lyase was isolated from Brassica oleracea (L.), and partial amino acid sequencing allowed the corresponding full-length cDNA (BOCL3) to be cloned. The deduced amino acid sequence of BOCL3 showed highest homology to the deduced amino acid sequences of several Arabidopsis thaliana genes annotated as tyrosine aminotransferase-like, including a coronatine, jasmonic acid, and salt stress-inducible gene, CORI3 (78.8% identity), and the unidentified rooty/superroot1 gene (44.8% identity). A full-length expressed sequence tag clone of CORI3 was obtained and recombinant CORI3 was synthesized in Escherichia coli. Isolated recombinant CORI3 catalyzed a cystine lyase reaction, but no aminotransferase reactions. The present study identifies, for the first time, a cystine lyase from plants at a molecular level and redefines the functional assignment of the only functionally identified member of a group of A. thaliana genes annotated as tyrosine aminotransferase-like.
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