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type Journal Article
authors Son D, Sugiyama T
title Molecular cloning of an alanine aminotransferase from NAD-malic enzyme type C4 plant Panicum miliaceum
journal Plant Mol Biol
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ui 1450385
year (1992)
volume 20
number 4
pages 705-13
abstract We have determined the nucleotide sequence of a cDNA encoding AlaAT-2, which is believed to function in the C4-pathway of Panicum miliaceum. An open reading frame (1446 bp) encodes a protein of 482 amino acid residues. The deduced amino acid sequence of AlaAT-2 shows 44.2 and 44.8% homology with the amino acid sequences of AlaATs from rat and human livers, respectively. Northern blot analysis showed that the gene encoding AlaAT-2 in mesophyll and bundle sheath cells was the same and transcribed similarly in the cells. The level of translatable mRNA for AlaAT-2 increased dramatically during greening.
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