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type Journal Article
authors Babczinski P, Matern U, Strobel GA.
title Serinol phosphate as an intermediate in serinol formation in sugarcane
journal Plant Physiol
Activity dhap.transaminase
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ui 16660234
year (1978)
volume 61
number 1
pages 46-49
abstract A novel compound, serinol phosphate, was identified in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) clone 51NG97. It was produced by an enzyme-mediated transamination of dihydroxyacetone phosphate with either alanine, glutamate, aspartate, or glutamine serving equally well as an amino donor. Some detectable phosphatase activity was present in crude leaf enzyme preparation that hydrolyzed serinol phosphate. A proposal for a pathway of the biosynthesis of serinol in sugarcane was formulated.Serinol can serve as an "activator" of toxin production in attenuated cultures of the sugarcane pathogen Helminthosporium sacchari and it is present in susceptible clone 51NG97. Resistant clone H50-7209 does not possess serinol and likewise no dihydroxyacetone phosphate transaminase activity could be demonstrated in enzyme preparations of this clone. The concept of toxin activation in attenuated fungus cultures is briefly discussed relative to disease resistance and susceptibility.
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