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type Journal Article
authors Okazaki S, Suzuki A, Mizushima T, Kawano T, Komeda H, Asano Y, Yamane T.
title The novel structure of a pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-dependent fold-type I racemase, alpha-amino-epsilon-caprolactam racemase from Achromobacter obae
journal Biochemistry
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ui 19146406
year (2009)
volume 48
number 5
pages 941-50
abstract Alpha-amino-epsilon-caprolactam (ACL) racemase (ACLR) from Achromobacter obae catalyzes the interconversion of l- and d-ACL. ACLR belongs to the fold-type I group of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) dependent enzymes. In this study, the first crystal structures of a fold-type I racemase are solved for the native form and epsilon-caprolactam-complexed form of ACLR at 2.21 and 2.40 A resolution, respectively. Based on the location of epsilon-caprolactam in the complex structure, the substrate-binding site is assigned between Trp49 and Tyr137. The carboxyl group of Asp210 is a reasonable candidate that recognizes the nitrogen atom of a lactam or amide in the substrate. Based on a structural comparison with fold-type III alanine racemase, Tyr137 is potentially the acid/base catalytic residue that is essential for the two-base racemization mechanism. The overall structure of ACLR is similar to that of fold-type I enzymes. A structural comparison with these enzymes explains the different reaction specificities.
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