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type Journal Article
authors Perret A, Lechaplais C, Tricot S, Perchat N, Vergne C, Pellé C, Bastard K, Kreimeyer A, Vallenet D, Zaparucha A, Weissenbach J, Salanoubat M.
title A novel acyl-CoA beta-transaminase characterized from a metagenome
journal PLoS One.
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ui 21826218
year (2011)
volume 6
number 8
pages e22918
abstract SBACKGROUND: Bacteria are key components in all ecosystems. However, our knowledge of bacterial metabolism is based solely on the study of cultivated organisms which represent just a tiny fraction of microbial diversity. To access new enzymatic reactions and new or alternative pathways, we investigated bacterial metabolism through analyses of uncultivated bacterial consortia. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We applied the gene context approach to assembled sequences of the metagenome of the anaerobic digester of a municipal wastewater treatment plant, and identified a new gene which may participate in an alternative pathway of lysine fermentation. CONCLUSIONS: We characterized a novel, unique aminotransferase that acts exclusively on Coenzyme A (CoA) esters, and proposed a variant route for lysine fermentation. Results suggest that most of the lysine fermenting organisms use this new pathway in the digester. Its presence in organisms representative of two distinct bacterial divisions indicate that it may also be present in other organisms.
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