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type Journal Article
authors Shinohara Y, Kudo F, Eguchi T.
title A natural protecting group strategy to carry an amino acid starter unit in the biosynthesis of macrolactam polyketide antibiotics
journal J Am Chem Soc.
Activity vino
Family vino
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ui 22010945
year (2011)
volume 133
number 45
pages 18134-7
keywords doi: 10.1021/ja208927r
abstract Macrolactam antibiotics are an important class of macrocyclic polyketides that contain a unique nitrogen-containing starter unit. In the present study, a set of starter biosynthetic enzymes in the macrolactam antibiotic vicenistatin was characterized. We found that the protection-deprotection strategy of the aminoacyl-ACP intermediate was critical in this system. On the basis of bioinformatics, the described pathway is also proposed as a common method for carrying amino acids in the biosynthesis of other macrolactam antibiotics.
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