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type Journal Article
authors Bell, E.; Malmberg, R.L.
title Analysis of a cDNA encoding arginine decarboxylase from oat reveals similarity to the Escherichia coli arginine decarboxylase and evidence of protein processing
journal Mol Gen Genet
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ui 2266946
year (1990)
volume 224
number 3
pages 431-6
keywords Apoenzymes/metabolism
abstract Arginine decarboxylase is the first enzyme in one of the two pathways of putrescine synthesis in plants. We purified arginine decarboxylase from oat leaves, obtained N-terminal amino acid sequence, and then used this information to isolate a cDNA encoding oat arginine decarboxylase. Comparison of the derived amino acid sequence with that of the arginine decarboxylase gene from Escherichia coli reveals several regions of sequence similarity which may play a role in enzyme function. The open reading frame (ORF) in the oat cDNA encodes a 66 kDa protein, but the arginine decarboxylase polypeptide that we purified has an apparent molecular weight of 24 kDa and is encoded in the carboxyl-terminal region of the ORF. A portion of the cDNA encoding this region was expressed in E. coli, and a polyclonal antibody was developed against the expressed polypeptide. The antibody detects 34 kDa and 24 kDa polypeptides on Western blots of oat leaf samples. Maturation of arginine decarboxylase in oats appears to include processing of a precursor protein.
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