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type Journal Article
authors Xie Y, Lai D, Mao Y, Zhang W, Shen W, Guan R.
title Molecular cloning, characterization, and expression analysis of a novel gene encoding L-cysteine desulfhydrase from Brassica napus.
journal Mol Biotechnol.
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ui 23180220
year (2013)
volume 54
number 3
pages 737-46
abstract L-Cysteine desulfhydrase (DES; EC is the most important enzyme that catalyzes the decomposition of L-cysteine to pyruvate, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the latter of which has recently been recognized as the third gasotransmitter for multiple signaling events in plants. Previous results showed the existence of DES activity in Brassica napus; however, the gene encoding the true DES protein has not been characterized yet. Here, a rapeseed DES gene was isolated and sequenced. It shared high homology with Arabidopsis DES1, and encodes a polypeptide with 323 amino acids of 34.5 kDa. Subsequently, prokaryotic expression and biochemical analysis demonstrated that this protein predominantly catalyzes the breakdown of L-cysteine with the side reaction of L-cysteine synthesis [O-acetyl-L-serine(thiol)lyase activity], and was designated as BnDES1. Corresponding analysis of structural features was also in agreement with the above proposition. Molecular evidence showed that BnDES1 mRNA was widely expressed, but with the higher expression level in flowers. Further results showed that the BnDES1 transcripts were differentially up-regulated by several plant growth regulators and chemicals. Overall, the above findings provide evidence showing that BnDES1 is a potentially important enzyme responsible for the H2S production, and may play an important role in plant growth regulators and chemical stimuli responses.
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