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type Journal Article
authors Hirayama A, Eguchi T, Kudo F.
title A single PLP-dependent enzyme PctV catalyzes the transformation of 3-dehydroshikimate into 3-aminobenzoate in the biosynthesis of pactamycin.
journal Chembiochem.
Activity pctv
Family pctv
sel selected
ui 23744829
year (2013)
volume 14
number 10
pages 1198-203
abstract Natural amino donation: A PLP-dependent aminotransferase PctV, encoded in the pactamycin biosynthetic gene cluster, was found to catalyze the formation of 3-aminobenzoate from 3-dehydroshikimate with L-glutamate as the amino donor. The PctV reaction comprises a transamination and two dehydration reactions. This is the first report of a simple 3-ABA synthase in nature.
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