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type Journal Article
authors Funabashi M, Baba S, Takatsu T, Kizuka M, Ohata Y, Tanaka M, Nonaka K, Spork AP, Ducho C, Chen WC, Van Lanen SG
title Structure-based gene targeting discovery of sphaerimicin, a bacterial translocase I inhibitor
journal Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Activity lipk
Family lipk
sel selected
ui 24014169
year (2013)
volume 52
number 44
pages 11607-11
keywords actinomycetes; bacterial translocase I inhibitor; gene targeting; nucleoside antibiotics; transaldolase
abstract Rise and shine: Using a gene-targeting approach aimed at identifying potential L-threonine:uridine-5'-transaldolases that catalyze the formation of (5'S,6'S)-C-glycyluridine, a new bacterial translocase I inhibitor was discovered from an actinomycete following fermentation optimization.
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