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type Journal Article
authors Zou Y1, Fang Q, Yin H, Liang Z, Kong D, Bai L, Deng Z, Lin S.
title Stereospecific biosynthesis of β-methyltryptophan from (L)-tryptophan features a stereochemical switch
journal Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Activity marg
Family marg
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ui 24166888
year (2013)
volume 52
number 49
pages 12951-5
abstract Make the switch: The three-enzyme cassette MarG/H/I is responsible for stereospecific biosynthesis of β-methyltryptophan from L-tryptophan (1). MarG/I convert 1 into (2S,3R)-β-methyltryptophan, while MarG/I combined with MarH convert 1 into (2S,3S)-β-methyltryptophan. MarH serves as a stereochemical switch by catalyzing the stereoinversion of the β-stereocenter.
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