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B6db references: 26061967

type Journal Article
authors Singh S, Kim Y, Wang F, Bigelow L, Endres M, Kharel MK, Babnigg G, Bingman CA, Joachimiak A, Thorson JS, Phillips GN Jr.

title Structural characterization of AtmS13, a putative sugar aminotransferase involved in indolocarbazole AT2433 aminopentose biosynthesis.
journal Proteins
Activity atms13
Family atms13
sel selected
ui 26061967
year (2015)
volume 83
number 8
pages 1547-54
abstract AT2433 from Actinomadura melliaura is an indolocarbazole antitumor antibiotic structurally distinguished by its unique aminodideoxypentose-containing disaccharide moiety. The corresponding sugar nucleotide-based biosynthetic pathway for this unusual sugar derives from comparative genomics where AtmS13 has been suggested as the contributing sugar aminotransferase (SAT). Determination of the AtmS13 X-ray structure at 1.50- resolution reveals it as a member of the aspartate aminotransferase fold type I (AAT-I). Structural comparisons of AtmS13 with homologous SATs that act upon similar substrates implicate potential active site residues that contribute to distinctions in sugar C5 (hexose vs. pentose) and/or sugar C2 (deoxy vs. hydroxyl) substrate specificity.
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