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B6db references: 29589944

type Journal Article
authors Xu B, Fan Z, Lei Y, Ping Y, Jaisi A, Xiao Y
title Insights into Pipecolic Acid Biosynthesis in Huperzia serrata
journal Org Lett
Activity l-lysine.2-aminotransferase
Family l-lysine.2-aminotransferase.b
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ui 29589944
year (2018)
volume 20
number 8
pages 2195-2198
keywords DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.8b00523
abstract For the biosynthesis of Pip in Huperzia serrata, the mechanistic studies were evaluated. Through a series of biochemical analyses, Pip is biosynthesized through a two-step cascade reaction. Three intermediates possibly exist simultaneously as an equilibrium matter in the first-step reaction catalyzed by HsAld1, while HsSard4 performs as a ketimine reductase and chemoselectively and stereoselectively takes 1,2-dehydropipecolic acid as the preferred substrate in vitro.


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