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type Journal Article
authors Barajas JF, Zargar A, Pang B, Benites VT, Gin J, Baidoo EEK, Petzold CJ, Hillson NJ, Keasling JD
title Biochemical Characterization of β-Amino Acid Incorporation in Fluvirucin B2 Biosynthesis
journal Chembiochem
Activity flvo
Family flvo
sel selected
ui 29603548
year (2018)
volume 19
number 13
pages 1391-1395
keywords Biosynthesis, Polyketide, Lactam, Fluvirucin, Transferase
abstract Naturally occurring lactams, such as the polyketide-derived macrolactams, provide a diverse class of natural products that could enhance existing chemically produced lactams. While β-amino acid loading in the fluvirucin B2 polyketide pathway has been proposed by a previously identified putative biosynthetic gene cluster, biochemical characterization of the complete loading enzymes has not been described. Here we elucidate the complete biosynthetic pathway of the β-amino acid loading pathway in fluvirucin B2 biosynthesis. We demonstrate the promiscuity of the loading pathway to utilize a range of amino acids and further illustrate the ability to introduce non-native acyl transferases to selectively transfer β-amino acids onto a PKS loading platform. The results presented here provide a detailed biochemical description of β-amino acid selection and will further aid in future efforts to develop engineered lactam-producing PKS platforms.
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