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type Journal Article
authors Naowarojna N, Huang P, Cai Y, Song H, Wu L, Cheng R, Li Y, Wang S, Lyu H, Zhang L, Zhou J, Liu P.
title In Vitro Reconstitution of the Remaining Steps in Ovothiol A Biosynthesis: C-S Lyase and Methyltransferase Reactions.
journal Org Lett.
Activity ovob
Family ovob
PLP Fold Type 1
sel selected
ui 30141637
year (2018)
volume 20
number 17
pages 5427-5430
keywords 10.1021/acs.orglett.8b02332
abstract Ovothiols are thiolhistidine derivatives. The first step of ovothiol biosynthesis is OvoA-catalyzed oxidative coupling between histidine and cysteine. In this report, the remaining steps of ovothiol A biosynthesis were reconstituted in vitro. ETA_14770 (OvoB) was reported as a PLP-dependent sulfoxide lyase, responsible for mercaptohistidine production. OvoA was found to be a bifunctional enzyme, which mediates both oxidative C-S bond formation and methylation of mercaptohistidine to afford ovothiol A. Besides reconstituting the whole biosynthetic pathway, two unique features proposed in the literature were also examined: a potential cysteine-recycling mechanism of the C-S lyase (OvoB) and the selectivity of the π- N methyltransferase.
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