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type Journal Article
authors Chen M, Liu C-T, Tang Y
title Discovery and Biocatalytic Application of a PLP-Dependent Amino Acid γ-Substitution Enzyme that Catalyzes C-C Bond Formation
journal J Am Chem Soc
Activity cndf
Family cndf
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ui 32434326
year (2020)
volume 142
number 23
pages 10506-10515
keywords DOI: 10.1021/jacs.0c03535
abstract Pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)-dependent enzymes can catalyze transformations of L-amino acids at α, β and γ positions. These enzymes are frequently involved in the biosynthesis of nonproteinogenic amino acids as building blocks of natural products, and are attractive biocatalysts. Here, we report the discovery of a two-step enzymatic synthesis of (2S, 6S)-6-methyl pipecolate 1, from the biosynthetic pathway of citrinadin. The key enzyme CndF is PLP-dependent and catalyzes synthesis of (S)-2-amino-6-oxoheptanoate 3 that is in equilibrium with the cyclic Schiff base. The second enzyme CndE is a stereoselective imine reductase that gives 1. Biochemical characterization of CndF showed this enzyme performs γ-elimination of O-acetyl-L-homoserine to generate the vinylglycine ketimine, which is subjected to nucleophilic attack by acetoacetate to form the new Cγ-Cδ bond in 3 and complete the γ-substitution reaction. CndF displays promiscuity towards different β-keto carboxylate and esters. Using an Aspergillus strain expressing CndF and CndE, feeding various alkyl-β-keto esters led to the biosynthesis of 6-substituted L-pipecolates. The discovery of CndF expands the repertoire of reactions that can be catalyzed by PLP-dependent enzymes.
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