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type Journal Article
authors Sekowska, A.; Bertin, P.; Danchin, A.
title Characterization of polyamine synthesis pathway in Bacillus subtilis 168
journal Mol Microbiol
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ui 9723923
year (1998)
volume 29
number 3
pages 851-8
abstract The ubiquitous polyamines fulfil a variety of functions in all three kingdoms of life. However, little is known about the biosynthesis of these compounds in Gram-positive bacteria. We show that, in Bacillus subtilis, there is a single pathway to polyamines, starting from arginine, with agmatine as an intermediate. We first identified the structural gene of arginine decarboxylase, speA (formerly cad), and then described the speE speB operon, directing synthesis of spermidine synthase and agmatinase. This operon is transcribed into two messenger RNAs, a major one for the speE gene and a minor one for both speEand speB. The promoter of the operon was identified upstream from the speE gene by primer extension analysis. Transcription of this operon indicated that the level of agmatinase synthesis is very low, thus allowing a stringent control on the synthesis of putrescine and, therefore, of all polyamines. This is consistent with the level of polyamines measured in the cell.
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