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type Journal Article
authors Wartmann, T.; Rosel, H.; Kunze, I.; Bode, R.; Kunze, G.
title AILV1 gene from the yeast Arxula adeninivorans LS3--a new selective transformation marker
journal Yeast
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ui 9730281
year (1998)
volume 14
number 11
pages 1017-25
keywords Yeast
abstract The ILV1 gene of the yeast Arxula adeninivorans LS3 (AILV1) has been cloned from a genomic library, characterized and used as an auxotrophic selection marker for transformation of plasmids into this yeast. One copy of the gene is present in the Arxula genome, comprising 1653 bp and encoding 550 amino acids of the threonine deaminase. The protein sequence is similar (60.55%) to that of the threonine deaminase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae encoded by the gene ILV1. The protein is enzymatically active during the whole period of cultivation, up to 70 h. Maximal activities, as well as protein concentrations of this enzyme, were achieved after cultivation times of 20-36 h. The AILV1 gene is a suitable auxotrophic selection marker in transformation experiments using an Arxula adeninivorans ilv1 mutant and a plasmid containing this gene, which is fused into the 25S rDNA of Arxula adeninivorans. One to three copies of the linearized plasmid were integrated into the 25S rDNA by homologous recombination. Transformants resulting from complementation of the ilv1 mutation can be easily and reproducibly selected and in addition are mitotically stable. Therefore, the described system is preferred to the conventional selection for hygromycin B resistance.
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