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type Journal Article
authors Crocomo, OJ; Fowden L
title Amino acid decarboxylases of higher plants: The formation of ethylamine
journal Phytochemistry
Activity ala.decarboxylase
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ui NoNotInNCBI
year (1970)
volume 9
number 3
pages 537-540
keywords DOI: 0.1016/S0031-9422(00)85685-X
abstract The enzymic decarboxylation of alanine has been demonstrated by production of 14C-carbon dioxidefrom[1-14C] alanine and of 14C-ethylamine from [U-14C]alanine using extracts from Ecballium elaterium and cucumber seedlings. Some properties of the decarboxylase enzymes are described. The same plant extracts catalysed the decarboxylation of serine at a slower rate.
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