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type Journal Article
authors Galman,J.L., Slabu,I., Weise,N.J., Iglesias,C., Parmeggiani,F., Lloyd,R.C. and Turner,N.J.
title Biocatalytic transamination with near-stoichiometric inexpensive amine donors mediated by bifunctional mono- and di-amine transaminases
journal Green Chem
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year (2017)
volume 19
pages 361-366
keywords benzylamines; biocatalysis; green chemistry; protein structure; transaminase
abstract The discovery and characterisation of enzymes with both monoamine and diamine transaminase activity is reported, allowing conversion of a wide range of target ketone substrates with just a small excess of amine donor. The diamine co-substrates (putrescine, cadaverine or spermidine) are bio-derived and the enzyme system results in very little waste, making it a greener strategy for the production of valuable amine fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
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