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type Journal Article
authors Koide, Y.; Honma, M.; Shimomura, T.
title L-alanine-alpha-keto acid aminotransferase of Pseudomonas sp.
journal Agric. Biol. Chem.
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year (1977)
volume 41
pages 781-784
abstract Four enzymes which transferred amino group of L-alanine to α-keto acids were separated from Pseudomonas sp. and these enzymes were distinguished in substrate specificities from each other: the first is active on glyoxylate; the second, on straight-chain α-keto acids, e. g., α-ketobutyrate, α-ketovalerate and α-ketocaproate; the third, on various α-keto acids including α-ketoglutarate. The fourth is also active on various α-keto acids, however not active on α-ketoglutarate.
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