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type Journal Article
authors Badet, B.; Roise, D.; Walsh, C. T.
title Inactivation of the dadB Salmonella typhimurium alanine racemase by D and L isomers of beta-substituted alanines: kinetics, stoichiometry, active site peptide sequencing, and reaction mechanism
journal Biochemistry
ui IStaris
year (1984)
volume 23
number 22
pages 5188-94
keywords Alanine/*metabolism
abstract The pyridoxal phosphate dependent Salmonella typhimurium dadB alanine racemase was inactivated with D- and L-beta-fluoroalanine, D- and L-beta-chloroalanine, and O-acetyl-D-serine. Enzyme inactivation with each isomer of beta-chloro[14C]alanine followed by NaBH4 reduction and trypsin digestion afforded a single radiolabeled peptide. In the same manner, NaB3H4-reduced native enzyme gave a single labeled peptide after trypsin digestion. Purification and sequencing of these three radioactive peptides revealed them to be a common, unique hexadecapeptide which contained labeled lysine at position 6 in each case. Enzyme which had been inactivated, but not reductively stabilized with NaBH4, released a labile pyridoxal phosphate-inactivator adduct on denaturation. The structure of this adduct suggests that the enzyme was inactivated by trapping the coenzyme in a ternary adduct with inactivator and the active site lysine. Under denaturing conditions, facile alpha,beta-elimination occurred, releasing the aldol adduct of pyruvate and pyridoxal phosphate. Reduction of the ternary enzyme adduct blocked this elimination pathway. The overall mechanism of racemase inactivation is discussed in light of these results.
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