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type Journal Article
authors Schmidt, A.; Erdle, I.
title A cysteine desulfhydrase specific for D-cysteine from the green alga Chlorella fusca
journal Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung
ui qwertf
year (1983)
volume 38C
pages 428-35.
abstract A cysteine desulfhydrase was purified 110-fold from the green alga Chlorella by using conventional techniques. The isolated cysteine desulfhydrase was specific for D-cysteine, having no activity towards L-cysteine. D- And L-cysteine desulfhydrase activities can be sepd. by using DEAE-cellulose chromatog. techniques. The pI of this enzyme was .apprx.4.5. The pH optimum for the D-cysteine desulfhydrase was 8.5-9 and the apparent Km for D-cysteine was 0.16 mM. The enzyme was active without addn. of metal ions, and EDTA or citric acid did not inhibit this activity.
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