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type Journal Article
authors Bagchi, D; Verma, D
title Partial purification and regulation of sulfur metabolizing enzymes in a cyanobacterium Phormidium uncinatum
journal Indian J Exp Biol
ui ygroSDV
year (1997)
volume 35
pages 876-880
abstract Phormidium uncinatum CU 1462/7 was able to grow with several sulfur compds. The sulfur metabolizing enzymes, viz. ATP sulfurylase, cysteine synthase. L- and D- cysteine desulfydrases and thiosulfate reductase were regulated by sulfur sources, particularly by sulfur amino acids and thiol contg. compds. Sulfur starvation caused redn. in ATP sulfurylase activity, while the levels of other enzymes activities were appreciated. These enzymes were purified by conventional techniques using DEAE Cellulose and Blue Sepharose columns. The specific activities increased in the range of 100-150-folds. With partially purified enzymes, apparent Km values for sulfate, ATP, D- and L-cysteines, thiosulfate, sulfide and acetyl serine were 10, 25, 30, 80, 100, 5 and 25 mM resp.
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