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Description Glycine aminotransferase
Notes Compact family of plant enzymes, very closely related to eukaryotic alanine aminotransferases (family
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Number of sequences 10
Sequences in seed alignment
ViridiplantaeAAN62332 (Arabidopsis thaliana); XP_021976038 (Helianthus annuus); XP_020554617 (Sesamum indicum); AAN62333 (Arabidopsis thaliana); AAZ43369 (Vitis vinifera); PPE01719 (Gossypium barbadense); XP_004309987 (Fragaria vesca subsp. vesca); XP_023550378 (Cucurbita pepo); AAO84040 (Oryza sativa ); XP_020698310 (Dendrobium catenatum);

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Reference sequence AAN62332
Domain interval 60-461
Catalytic site 291 K
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