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Description Adenosylmethionine--8-amino-7-oxononanoate aminotransferase
Notes In the case of plant enzymes, which are bifunctional proteins containing also a N-terminal dethiobiotin synthetase domain, such domain has been removed from the sequences included in the family.
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Reference sequence BIOA_ECOLI
Domain interval 28-372
Catalytic site 274 K
 Bezsudnova EY, Stekhanova TN, Popinako AV, Rakitina TV, Nikolaeva AY, Boyko KM, Popov VO (2018) Diaminopelargonic acid transaminase from Psychrobacter cryohalolentis is active towards (S)-(-)-1-phenylethylamine, aldehydes and α-diketones Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 102 71-80.

 Fan S, Li DF, Wang DC, Fleming J, Zhang H, Zhou Y, Zhou L, Zhou J, Chen T, Chen G, Zhang XE, Bi L (2015) Structure and function of Mycobacterium smegmatis 7-keto-8-aminopelargonic acid (KAPA) synthase Int J Biochem Cell Biol 58 71-80.

 Cobessi D, Dumas R, Pautre V, Meinguet C, Ferrer JL, Alban C (2012) Biochemical and structural characterization of the Arabidopsis bifunctional enzyme dethiobiotin synthetase-diaminopelargonic acid aminotransferase: evidence for substrate channeling in biotin synthesis Plant Cell 24 1608-25.

 Bhor, V.M.; Dev, S.; Vasanthakumar, G.R.; Surolia, A. (2006) Spectral and kinetic characterization of 7,8-diaminopelargonic acid synthase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis IUBMB Life 58 225-33.

 Mann S, Ploux O. (2006) 7,8-Diaminoperlargonic acid aminotransferase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a potential therapeutic target. Characterization and inhibition studies FEBS J 273 4778-89.

 Eliot, A. C.; Sandmark, J.; Schneider, G.; Kirsch, J. F. (2002) The dual-specific active site of 7,8-diaminopelargonic acid synthase and the effect of the R391A mutation Biochemistry 41 12582-9.

 Kack, H.; Sandmark, J.; Gibson, K.; Schneider, G.; Lindqvist, Y. (1999) Crystal structure of diaminopelargonic acid synthase: evolutionary relationships between pyridoxal-5'-phosphate-dependent enzymes J Mol Biol 291 857-76.

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