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Description Glutamate--prephenate aminotransferase
Notes The family includes plant enzymes, but strictly related to bacterial aspartate aminotransferases (family and phosphonoalanine aminotransferases.
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Reference sequence NP_565529
Domain interval 99-462
Catalytic site 306 K
 Giustini C, Graindorge M, Cobessi D, Crouzy S, Robin A, Curien G, Matringe M (2019) Tyrosine metabolism: identification of a key residue in the acquisition of prephenate aminotransferase activity by 1β aspartate aminotransferase FEBS J 286 2118-2134.

 Holland CK, Berkovich DA, Kohn ML, Maeda H, Jez JM (2018) Structural basis for substrate recognition and inhibition of prephenate aminotransferase from Arabidopsis Plant J 94 304-314.

 Graindorge M, Giustini C, Jacomin AC, Kraut A, Curien G, Matringe M. (2010) Identification of a plant gene encoding glutamate/aspartate-prephenate aminotransferase: The last homeless enzyme of aromatic amino acids biosynthesis FEBS Lett 584 4357-60.

 Maeda H, Yoo H, Dudareva N. (2010) Prephenate aminotransferase directs plant phenylalanine biosynthesis via arogenate Nat Chem Biol 7 19-21.

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