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Description dTDP-4-amino-4,6-dideoxy-D-glucose aminotransferase (family a)
Notes The enzyme CalS13 catalyzes the 5'-pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)-dependent stereo- and regiospecific- installation of an amino group from an amino acid donor (typically L-Glu or L-Gln) to the substrate TDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-glucose. CalS13 and the enzyme from E. coli WecE (family share common substrates but differ in the stereochemistry of C-4 amine installation. CalS13 provides the C-4 (S) configuration , in contrast, WecE provides the corresponding C-4 (R) configuration.

Sequences in this family are most closely related to dTDP-4-amino-2,4-dideoxy-α-D-xylose transaminases (AtmS13).

PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Number of sequences 2
Sequences in seed alignment
BacteriaWP_012182206 (Salinispora arenicola); AAM94797 (Micromonospora echinospora);

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Reference sequence AAM94797
Domain interval 9-373
Catalytic site 194 K
 Wang F, Singh S, Xu W, Helmich KE, Miller MD, Cao H, Bingman CA, Thorson JS, Phillips GN Jr. (2015) Structural Basis for the Stereochemical Control of Amine Installation in Nucleotide Sugar Aminotransferases. ACS chemical biology. 10 2048-56.

 Singh S, Peltier-Pain P, Tonelli M, Thorson JS (2014) A general NMR-based strategy for the in situ characterization of sugar-nucleotide-dependent biosynthetic pathways Org Lett 16 3220-3.

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