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Description L-methionine transaminase (family a)
Notes Family composed solely of plant enzymes (beloging to the fold type IV group) based on the functionally validated sequence from Arabidopsis.
The Arabidopsis enzyme apparently represents a specialized form of branched-chain amino acid transaminase, acting in the biosynthesis of methionine-derived glucosinolates.
PDB 1u08;
PLP Fold Type IV
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type IV

Number of sequences 8
Sequences in seed alignment
ViridiplantaeXP_004292075 (Fragaria vesca); NP_188605 (Arabidopsis thaliana); ACR10244 (Brassica rapa); XP_006303797 (Capsella rubella); XP_002894233 (Arabidopsis lyrata); XP_006393181 (Eutrema salsugineum); XP_006406467 (Eutrema salsugineum); XP_006486828 (Citrus sinensis);

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Reference sequence NP_188605
Domain interval 89-332
Catalytic site 198 K
 Schuster, J., Knill, T., Reichelt, M., Gershenzon, J. and Binder, S. (2006) Branched-chain aminotransferase4 is part of the chain elongation pathway in the biosynthesis of methionine-derived glucosinolates in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 18 18 2664-79.

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