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Description Lysine decarboxylase (family b)
Notes A compact family of proteins mostly from enterobacteria.
The sequences are related to those in family 4.1.17_2 (bacterial ornithine decarboxylases) and 4.1.19_2 (Arginine decarboxylases).
In addition to the PLP-dependent domain, they encompass two additional, smaller domains (one at the N-terminus, the other at the N-terminus).
The enzyme from Burkholderia sp. AIU 395 also shows a minor Lys oxidase activity.
PDB 3Q16;6Q6I;
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Number of sequences 15
Sequences in seed alignment
BacteriaWP_032824097 (Haemophilus influenzae); DCLZ_ECOLI (Escherichia coli); DCLY_SALTY (Salmonella typhimurium); AQU15094 (uncultured bacterium); BAB16718 (Moritella japonica); NP_799269 (Vibrio parahaemolyticus); WP_011079948 (Vibrio vulnificus); DCLY_HAFAL (Hafnia alvei); SED96662 (Paraburkholderia caballeronis); WP_024270753 (Shinella sp. DD12); WP_063647004 (Aliivibrio fischeri); DCLY_ECOLI (Escherichia coli); AAD18126 (Eikenella corrodens); NP_250509 (Pseudomonas aeruginosa); BAP47521 (Burkholderia sp. AIU 395);

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Reference sequence DCLZ_ECOLI
Domain interval 130-562
Catalytic site 367 K
 Han L, Yuan J, Ao X, Lin S, Han X, Ye H (2018) Biochemical Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Virulence Factor Lysine Decarboxylase From Vibrio vulnificus Front Microbiol 9 3082.

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 Levine, M.; Progulske-Fox, A.; Denslow, N.D.; Farmerie, W.G.; Smith, D.M.; Swearingen, W.T.; Miller, F.C.; Liang, Z.; Roe, B.A.; Pan, H.Q. (2001) Identification of lysine decarboxylase as a mammalian cell growth inhibitor in Eikenella corrodens: possible role in periodontal disease Microb Pathog 30 179-92.

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