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Description Lysine decarboxylase (family d)
Notes Family built around the functionally validated enzyme from Lycopodium (moss).
These enzymes are Fold-type III sequences, with activity against both L-Lys and (to a lesser extent) L-Orn. They apparently originated from ancestral L-Orn decarboxylases independently of the enzymes in family
PLP Fold Type III
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type III

Number of sequences 2
Sequences in seed alignment
ViridiplantaeBAR42912 (Huperzia serrata); BAR42911 (Lycopodium clavatum);

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Reference sequence BAR42911
Domain interval 94-435
Catalytic site 123 K
 Xu B, Lei L, Zhu X, Zhou Y, Xiao Y (2017) Identification and characterization of L-lysine decarboxylase from Huperzia serrata and its role in the metabolic pathway of lycopodium alkaloid Phytochemistry 136 23-30.

 Bunsupa S, Hanada K, Maruyama A, Aoyagi K, Komatsu K, Ueno H, Yamashita M, Sasaki R, Oikawa A, Saito K, Yamazaki M. (2016) Molecular Evolution and Functional Characterization of a Bifunctional Decarboxylase Involved in Lycopodium Alkaloid Biosynthesis Plant Physiol 171 2432-44.

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