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Description Tryptophan synthase.
Notes The family comprises only the beta subunits of bacterial, archaeal and plant enzymes. The alpha subunits are not PLP-dependent. In the case of fungal enzymes, which are fusion proteins (alpha+beta), the domain corresponding to the alpha subunit has been removed from the sequence.
PLP Fold Type II
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type II

Number of sequences
Sequences in seed alignment
ArchaeaTRPB_METJA (Methanococcus jannaschii); TRB2_ARCFU (Archaeoglobus fulgidus); TRPB_HALVO (Halobacterium volcanii); TRB1_AERPE (Aeropyrum pernix); TRB1_SULSO (Sulfolobus solfataricus); TRPB_PYRKO (Pyrococcus kodakaraensis); TRPB_METVO (Methanococcus voltae); TRB1_ARCFU (Archaeoglobus fulgidus); TRB1_PYRAB (Pyrococcus abyssi); TRPB_THEAC (Thermoplasma acidophilum); TRPB_PYRHO (Pyrococcus horikoshii); TRB2_METTH (Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum); TRB2_PYRAB (Pyrococcus abyssi); TRB2_AERPE (Aeropyrum pernix); TRB1_METTH (Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum);
BacteriaTRPB_BUCDN (Buchnera aphidicola (subsp. Diuraphis noxia)); TRPB_RHIET (Rhizobium etli); TRPB_STRCO (Streptomyces coelicolor); TRB2_THEMA (Thermotoga maritima); TRPB_SALTY (Salmonella typhimurium); TRPB_MYCLE (Mycobacterium leprae); TRB2_AQUAE (Aquifex aeolicus); TRPB_ECOLI (Escherichia coli); TRPB_BUCMH (Buchnera aphidicola (subsp. Melaphis rhois)); TRPB_BACSU (Bacillus subtilis); TRPB_MYCTU (Mycobacterium tuberculosis); TRPB_LACCA (Lactobacillus casei); TRPB_PSEPU (Pseudomonas putida); TRPB_BUCSC (Buchnera aphidicola (subsp. Schlechtendalia chinensis)); TRB1_AQUAE (Aquifex aeolicus); TRPB_ACICA (Acinetobacter calcoaceticus); TRPB_HAEIN (Haemophilus influenzae); TRPB_BACST (Bacillus stearothermophilus); TRPB_THETH (Thermus aquaticus (subsp. thermophilus)); TRPB_RHOSH (Rhodobacter sphaeroides); TRPB_BUCAP (Buchnera aphidicola (subsp. Schizaphis graminum)); TRPB_MYCIT (Mycobacterium intracellulare); TRPB_PASMU (Pasteurella multocida); TRPB_CAUCR (Caulobacter crescentus); TRPB_CORGL (Corynebacterium glutamicum); TRPB_HELPY (Helicobacter pylori); TRPB_SYNY3 (Synechocystis sp. (strain PCC 6803)); TRPB_LACLA (Lactococcus lactis (subsp. lactis)); TRPB_PSEAE (Pseudomonas aeruginosa); TRPB_VIBPA (Vibrio parahaemolyticus); TRB1_THEMA (Thermotoga maritima); TRPB_CHLTR (Chlamydia trachomatis);
FungiAAF91181 (Emericella nidulans); TRP_YEAST (Saccharomyces cerevisiae); TRP_COPCI (Coprinus cinereus); TRP_SCHPO (Schizosaccharomyces pombe); TRP_NEUCR (Neurospora crassa);
ViridiplantaeTRP2_ARATH (Arabidopsis thaliana); TRP1_ARATH (Arabidopsis thaliana); TRPB_CAMAC (Camptotheca acuminata); T04330 (Oryza sativa); TRP2_MAIZE (Zea mays);

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Reference sequence TRPB_ECOLI
Domain interval 49-377
Catalytic site 86 K
 Shen H, Yang Y, Wang F, Zhang Y, Ye N, Xu S, Wang H. (2009) Characterization of the putative tryptophan synthase beta-subunit from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai) 41 379-88.

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