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B6db families: lipo

Activity lipo
Description L-methionine--uridine-5'-aldehyde aminotransferase (2.6.1.-)
Notes The enzymes in this family are related to 2_6_1_18 (beta-alanine-pyruvate transaminase), but the closest relative is family pumg (pseudouridine aldehyde aminotransferase) which in fact catalyzes a nearly identical reaction.
The enzymes from Streptomyces sp. SANK 60405 and Streptomyces roseoverticillatus (aka Streptoverticillium fervens) reportedly use L-methionine as the preferred amino group donor.
The enzyme from Streptomyces coeruleorubidus was tested only in the presence of L-alanine, but there is little doubt that it may work better with L-methionine, in analogy to the other two enzymes.

These enzymes are involved in the biogenesis of different antibiotics, such as the Uridyl peptide antibiotic pacidamycin. The pacidamycins belong to a class of antimicrobial nucleoside antibiotics that act by inhibiting translocase I, a key enzyme in peptidoglycan assembly.

PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Number of sequences 0
Reference sequence BAJ05891
Domain interval 17-417
Catalytic site 271 K
References Articles on lipo
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